Queen of Peace Monastery

After three black bear sightings in one camping trip, we could use a little peace. After a wonderful camping, hiking trip to Levette and Hut Lakes outside of Squamish, we stopped by the 82 acres of mountain forest where the Dominican Sisters of Our Queen of Peace Monastery live. When we arrived a caretaker was staring fixed through his binoculars at a Western Tanager, and hardly looked up to greet us. We ascended a steep path to the monastery and sat quietly in the simple chapel. The monastery overlooks amazing mountains, forests and glaciers and the crucifix hung in mid air. A young woman in discernment introduced herself and we talked about monasticism and the land, comparing stories. Queen of Peace was only completed in 2012, and work continues on the driveway. The nuns sell arts and crafts to support themselves. We didn’t stay long, but the place left a deep impression on me. I will be back!


One thought on “Queen of Peace Monastery

  1. Reading all this comments from people of other backgrounds then mine. It has being a very good learning to me. Even though, I have hear some of the bad, bad things that go on other areas of the World that we live in.
    All I know is that it’s sad for me to keep hearing of all this. Not being kind with one an other. I hope that we the people really begin to do some work towards Love for one another so our humanity will have more harmony, compaction, respect for the feelings of others and peace with our own self and for others. And most of all for our Earth and living creatures in all our Mother Nature.


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