The Holyscapes Project

To my readers and friends,

I want to write a short post on the scope of Holyscapes. As I discuss on the front page of this website, I coined the term to help me grapple with bringing the dualisms present in religion and ecology together. I feel completely privileged to be able to explore this theme as part of my spiritual and academic life. But more and more I realize how inseparable my soul is from the places I have lived, worked and prayed. I am so grateful to be able to continue to explore these themes in several different forums:

As I have written in other places, I am hoping to sell some of my photographs to help pay down my student loans. But I don’t want to suggest that this is the only reason for this project. I am passionate about these themes and hope to dedicate my life to marking art inspired by them.

Please check them out and lets keep the conversation going!

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