Experiencing the Sacred

I started a Radio Show! With Co-producers Maya Graves and Valeria Vergani, we have a created a Community Radio show that explores Religion and Spirituality.

Tune in live through Vancouver Coop Radio’s website every Thursday at 10 am Pacific Time.

To listen to archived shows click here.

Program Objectives  

Religion and spirituality remain at the center of many contemporary conversations including LGBTQ issues, climate change, terrorism and extremism, abortion, social justice, colonialization and reconciliation, among others. Unfortunately, religion as a topic for conversation has become taboo in contemporary secular society, which only leads to deeper segmentation and misunderstandings between community members.

Experiencing the Sacred will:

  • Host conversations on identity, religious observance and spiritual practice at the intersection of politics, feminism, ecology, social justice extremism and human rights.
  • Explore the diverse ways that religious observance and spiritual practice are embodied in the Vancouver area.
  • Foster greater religious and inter-spiritual dialogue, understanding and cooperation in solving our most pressing social and ecological problems.

Every Thursday we will bring you live interviews and panel discussions with experts and practitioners from the area; present moving narratives of personal transformation; and share the stories of people of faith and no faith alike.

Premises of the Program

  • Narrowly applying the word “religion” (defined as a set of beliefs about the supernatural) to a range of global practices, identities and worlds have clear Western colonial roots that use the Judeo-Christian world as a template for legitimacy or comparison. Within such a narrow definition, what constitutes religion or religious behavior can cause misunderstanding and perpetuate colonial systems of oppression.
  • However, once properly broadened and subverted, the concept of ‘Religion’ may be usefully recovered through what scholars call ‘Family Resemblances.’
  • Worldview, ideology, symbolic system, traditional wisdom, values, morals, ethics, rituals or spiritual practices all point to this moving target we are calling ‘Religion.’
  • Religion captures the ever-evolving relationships between ways of being in the world –praxis and cultural identity— and understandings of the world. It may include, but it is not defined by, a set of creeds, beliefs about the supernatural, or ethical rules.
  • This Collective embraces Pluralism as an approach, that does not seek to ignore differences, or avoid conflict by smoothing over incongruences toward some multi-cultural ‘Oneness’; but rather it welcomes a Pluralism that stresses understanding difference, seeking unity in diversity, and respect through dialogue.
  • All religious traditions have strengths and weaknesses, controversy and problems. These issues will be explored compassionately.
  • Religion remains a potent force in global issues and social movements that needs more not less discussion; discussion that is public, frank, clear and unbiased.
  • We do not endorse or promote any one spiritual or religious tradition, and our producers and contributors come from a variety of backgrounds.
  • No guest will be assumed to represent an entire –ism. Each will present their own stories within the tradition or traditions with which they self-identify.
  • We recognize that boundaries between religious and spiritual practices, beliefs and identities are increasingly fluid (Many Christians practice Yoga, or believe in Reincarnation, etc.)
  • Both ecological and social justice issues are moral issues that require creative and novel approaches to ethics, morality and spirituality.
  • Conversations about religion and spirituality include those who are unaffiliated, agnostic and atheist.
  • Being spiritual or having a spiritual practice does not necessarily eschew affiliation with religious organizations or other institutions.

Respect is key word, respect for all peoples and perspectives regardless of personal beliefs. Bigotry, sexism, racism, gender discrimination or general unfriendliness will not be tolerated in our guests or collective members.