Spiritual Direction

Archway at Carmel by the Sea

Archway at Carmel by the Sea

I would never want to suggest that I know something about spirituality or religion that others don’t. But the practice of Spiritual Direction is an ancient tradition that goes back to the early church. In particular, the Celtic Church practiced something called “Anam Chara”, or Soul Friendship, wherein monastics took council with one another in their path of seeking the Divine. Spiritual Direction has been a very common way of deepening one’s connection to the Divine and working through spiritual questions that need answers.

Spiritual Direction can be defined as the accompaniment of someone on their particular journey, listening deeply to another person’s experience, and offering observations on that journey from a different perspective.

Seekers of Spiritual Direction, or Directees, do not need to be religious, or even spiritual. Sometimes it is simply a matter of being listened to, and not feeling alone in our searching. Or perhaps one simply needs to process a recent crisis of faith. Others may be interested in transitioning faiths. While many others who have decided to leave the church still crave a sense of spiritual connectedness or practice and don’t know where to start. I am particularly interested in working with those that seek spiritual well-being outside traditional churches, or within a ecological-minded framework.

The reason I have decided to offer this service, is because I have personally gone through a crisis of faith, and subsequent faith transition. This is the only credential I offer, my experience and my attention.


If you think you might be interested in Spiritual Direction, send me an email detailing you experience with religion and spirituality and what you might want to get out of a 4-6 month spiritual direction session. We would meet in person or via Skype for one hour per week to discuss and create goals.

Email: jason [dot] minton [dot] brown [at] gmail [dot] com