The Greening of Loneliness‘, Op-Ed in the Province Newspaper

Whether a Christian Animism‘, Book Review, Minding Nature

Chapter in the book: Dwelling in Political Landscapes (2019)

My latest peer-reviewed essay in the peer reviewed journal Religions. Charged Moments: Landscape and the Experience of the Sacred Among Catholic Monks in North America’

The ‘Greening’ of Christian Monasticism and the Future of Monastic Landscapes in North America (2019)

Managing for the Spirit: Valuing the Mormon Sacred Grove
Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture 12 (3) (2018)

Thomas Merton, Wildness and the Sacramental Power of Place
The Merton Annual 29, 80-89 (2016)

PhD Dissertation

Christ and Cascadia Journal 

Guatemalan Community Forestry 

(This book chapter is from my undergraduate thesis, which our wonderful mentors at BYU helped polish into something passable as scholarship.)


Ecological Theology

Mormon Studies

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